Tuesday, June 7, 2011

At the Gym.

I try to go the gym on a daily basis. Certain things at the gym are annoying to me, so I try to go at times when they generally speaking won't be an issue. I like to go when the gym is nearly empty, when there is very little noise, not much in the way of overlap in who wants to use what equipment. This means I try to go between 10am and 3pm, after the people that come before work have gone, but before high-schools have gotten out. This has worked well for me up until recently.

Recently  a gentleman that works as a trainer at gym I go to, 24 Hour Fitness if you are interested, has started doing his personal workout around the same time as myself. This wouldn't be a problem for me, however there is the issue of the sheer amount of noise he makes. He yells loud greetings to everyone he sees, he "sings" off key at high volume, and grunts so load each rep can be heard from across the gym. There is no reason for this gentleman to make this amount of noise. I am honestly curious as to what makes him feel this is necessary.

I have a theory about why he does this. I think he wants attention. He makes more noise than the average group of teenage girls.  I don't like to cause conflict, but this is making my time at the gym most unbearable.

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  1. I was at the gym about an hour ago, It was empty for like 10 mins and then like 10 people showed up. (my gym is very small) Next thing I know people are crawling all around me and I just gave up and left. I hate people at the gym haha.