Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ideas for a better world.

The world is an increasingly hellish place. There are so many things people could do to make the world just a little better. Some are so small. Even very small things can have huge impacts.

So many screaming children in public, running around, crying, making noise. Why don't we just muzzle the children. Not all of them. Just the ones that can't walk around a store without causing a scene or making an unreasonable amount of noise. Maybe put some electric shock collars on the really bad ones. The collars would not be controlled by the parents, but rather by every other adult in the store.
Remember, it is for the children.

Let people carry a sidearm. The people as a whole would be more polite if a few more guns were around. Sure, we might lose a few people, but not any of the smart ones.
Sitting on your hip. Or maybe a shoulder holster.

We should really stop putting all the dead people in cemeteries. We should be processing the bodies in to something useful. Fertilizer would be easy enough. What about human leather? What pharmaceuticals could be made with the average corpse.

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