Saturday, August 10, 2013


These are just a few question that don't seem to have answers. Maybe you have some answers. These will be numbered for that purpose.

1. Is it wrong to use "Blow the rape whistle" as a double entendre?

2. What is it the Kardashians are famous for exactly?

3. "Fuck, Marry, Kill", why can't it be all three?

4. So what is the proof that Jesus actually existed?

5. Ayn Rand was really a dude right?

6. Why do we need to save the whales?

7. When will people finally turn on Blizzard?

8. How does Denny's stay in business?

9. Is it just me or does the current pope seem a little atheistic?

10. Is it the tuna or the dolphin that makes "tuna" so tasty?

11. Why it is called a "Denver boot"?

12. How the hell is Adam Sandler keep making money?

13. Will there ever be a good Lovecraft based movie?

14. If the early bird gets the worm, then shouldn't the worm sleep in?

15. Warm beer.... WHY?????

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