Sunday, January 27, 2013

Striving For Mediocre

Seems like the goal has changed. It is as if no one cares about being the best anymore. Food is getting worse, movies have nothing to say, and television after only the lowest common denominator. It is no longer a matter of trying to be the best, it is instead a quest not to be the worst.

McDonald's is not bad. It is not great either. It is edible, that is about all you can say. So why is there a trend of other fast food restaurants trying to emulate the food of McDonald's? Why is everyone making a version of the Big Mack? Jack in the Box has the Bonus Jack, Burger King has the Big King, Carl's Jr (Hardee's) has the Big Carl. The Big Mack is edible, but it is hardly great. It might only be fast food, but they could do better. Carl's Jr has made some great food in the past, the Prime Rib Burger and Steakhouse Burger come to mind, neither of which they make anymore. 

Television has gotten worse. The fact anyone knows who the person pictured above is, is proof television television is doing harm. How can "Honey Boo Boo" do better in terms of ratings than "30 Rock". "30 Rock" is a consistently well written and funny show. "Honey Boo Boo" is  very ugly white trash family eating horrid food and reinforcing stereotypes. When did quality stop mattering? When did shit become the gold standard? 

Movies. Sure it is January, and movies are usually weak this time of year. However that is no excuse for Hansel and Gretel being released. How did this happen? Some one had to first think this was a good idea, present it to their boss, who would then need to green light this idea. A writer then has to right it, and actors have to agree to be in it. How does all of this happen for an idea this bad?

So to sum up, the world is getting worse. Food is getting bland, TV is making you less intelligent, movies... dear god... When did being the best stop being the goal?

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