Sunday, December 16, 2012

The "War" on Christmas

Some people claim there exist a war on Christmas. This is untrue. If a war on Christmas was ever waged, clearly Christmas won and then enslaved the survivors of the losing side. So clearly it is time for someone to try to take down Christmas. So lets ask some uncomfortable questions about this holiday.

There are those who claim we need more "Christ" in Christmas. Alright, if you feel that way. However, first I am going to ask you to prove that this "Christ" character ever actually existed. Sure, some various churches claim to have proof, but they have a certain interest in keeping people believing in "Christ", more than a bit of a conflict of interest. A body of this man would be great proof, but sadly if we find one, that will lead to the death of Christmas. So, Christians, the ball is in your court on this one. If you want more "Christ", just prove he was real, and not a collective driven imaginary friend.

Some people say Christmas is too commercial. They might have a point. Then again, the economy is rather bad at the moment. If Christmas is so commercial, would the economy be this bad? Seems like a overly commercial event would do a lot to help the economy, yet Christmas doesn't seem to be helping all that much. So lets spend more money, and spend less time with asshole we hate (family).

There is a separation of church and state in my country. So they say. However, Christmas is a national holiday. This is a supposedly christian holiday it is "CHRIST-mas' after all. So how much separation between church and state is there, when a clearly christian holiday is a national public holiday?

There is no war on Christmas, but there should be. So lets start one. Lets make it as forgotten as all of the various "saint" days.

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  1. There was an old guy who flipped out the other day because a gift card didn't say "Merry Christmas" even though there were 2 xmas themed gift cards. C'mon really?

    For the separation of church and state thing, Christmas isn't entirely "Christian", heck most of it's traditions were stolen from pagans (and those guys knew how to throw a party) and other cultures. It's the only "religious" holiday celebrated by other faiths. I'm agnostic, and my girlfriend (and her family) are Buddhist and we love Christmas.

    A secular Christmas is tolerated, but when schools bust out Jesus quotes and manager scenes that's when "Christian" folks start to get mad over stupid stuff.