Sunday, December 2, 2012

Obvious Things People Don't Seem to Understand.

Lot of stupid people out there. So here is a message to all of them.

1. That big box will not fit in your car. No, I don't care how you have bullshitted yourself. Get your hands on a truck or SUV. If you have no friends with a bigger vehicle, then you don't get to buy the big TV.

2. Andrew W.K. has only one song he keeps making. "Beat beat beat name of the song".

3. Not shopping at somewhere does not make you a better person.

4. Going out of your way to shop somewhere doesn't make you a better person.

5. Your children are ugly and annoying. Also, you should of had an abortion. Your mother should have too.

6. In-N-Out Burger sucks now. What the fuck happened to the meat? It has gotten so damn small.

7. It doesn't matter who the president is. Never has, never will.

8. Alcohol is the best energy drink.

1 comment:

  1. Part of my job is helping people with their huge box orders in their cars if they can lift it on their own. People are morons. The small cars are half of the problem, but if you're going to get a big vanity or fridge try not to bring your kids or go grocery shopping before you come regardless of vehicle.