Saturday, July 11, 2015

Song Parody: "Donkey Show"

This is a song parody of Kenny Loggins "Danger Zone".

Seeing the woman wence
Listen to that ass moan
Equine getting pleasure
Bestiality here we go

Highway down to Mexico
Ride down to the donkey show

Headin' into TJ
Spreadin' out her hole tonight
She gonna be humpin' mule dick
And shovin' her organs out of place

Highway down to Mexico
I'll take you
Right down to the donkey show

You never make eye contact with her
Until you get off and blow your overload
You'll never share this story with friends
Until you get so high that you blackout

Out with mules
Is always where I burn to be
The deeper in the mule
The best that it can be.

Highway down to Mexico
I'm gonna take you
Right down to the donkey show
Highway down to Mexico
Right down to the donkey show

1 comment:

  1. All these months, I knew something was missing from my life. This is it.