Sunday, December 14, 2014

Things I miss.

Well I miss them, maybe you do too.

Arcades. Paying quarters to play some games.

When kids could get in fights at school. Now there is this "zero tolerance" bullshit. Sometime kids need to "work things out" between themselves.

Every woman I have ever shared an evening with.

The word "retard". For some reason this word is treated as offensive. Why? Its a medical term. Does "pregnant" need to go on the list too?

Square and Enix being two separate companies. Seems like the games were better back then. Well... the Enix franchises are about the same really (amazing). The Square side of things have been on a rather steady decline.

The Prime Rib burger. It was around in 2008, it was delicious. In the 6 years since it has never been heard from again. Carl's Jr, you are starting to piss me off.

I miss when Warcraft was a RTS (real time strategy) game. Have to go back to the first two games in the series. They were good game, but certainly show their age at this point. There was a third game, but it was more RPG(role play game)  than RTS. The third one had some very superficial RTS dressing on it, but that really wasn't enough. Then World of Warcraft came out, and it is a big massively multiplayer RPG mess. Been 10 years since a new game, seems like a good time for one.

Having new and original ideas for this blog. Really miss that.

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