Saturday, August 2, 2014

Best Buy

Best Buy is an electronics, appliance, and entertainment media  store. Kind of like Circuit City, but still in business (somehow). Normally not a bad store, but a couple weeks ago they really dropped the ball.

Best Buy had a sale where first party Nintendo titles for the 3ds were "buy one get one". This deal, because of their current stock mod, meant the sale applied to eight games. The problem being that no Best Buy in my area had any two of the eight games. So I wasted a day going to six different Best Buy stores, only to be unable to take advantage of this sale due completely to the lack of merchandise in stock.

Seems that if there is a sale happening, there should be at least SOME of what is on sale in stock. It was not an issue of them getting sold out early either, as I was at the first of the six stores when they opened. None of the other six locations seemed overly busy either. So it seems this sale was setup entirely to be a tease.

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