Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Interview.

Well that was... interesting. The interviewer was an overly perky former cheerleader. Would bet money that she opened her legs a few times to get into a management position. Not saying there is anything wrong with that, we all must use the advantages we have.

So I get to the store. I am told to wait over by the office chairs. Wait for ten minutes. Notice that the quality of office chairs has gone down considerably since when I first worked here. She comes out, bounce in her step, and far more energy than the situation calls for. We then start the bullshit-fest that is an interview.

"So what lead you to quit here the first time?". Well the honest answer is that I thought I had better options at the time, clearly that didn't pan out. Of course one can't say that, so instead: "I left to go back to school, it wasn't possible at the time to make the job work with the school schedule". Not a total lie, I did go back to school while not working for them, the dates might not line up perfectly, but they don't know that.

Over all I think it went well. Just need to wait and see if they call me back.

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