Saturday, June 7, 2014

An old joke.

Little something different this week. A friend of mine died recently. He will be missed. He had a joke he liked, and I am going to share this joke with you this week. I hope you enjoy it.

A gorilla walks into a bar. He sits down on a stool. The gorilla signals the bartender over, who is a little surprised to see a gorilla in the bar. The gorilla points at the beer tap. The bartender says "You want a beer?". The gorilla nods. The bartender thinks for a moment, decides the gorilla doesn't know how much things cost and says "That will be 20 dollars". The gorilla pulls a 20 dollar bill out of his fur and gives it to the bartender. The gorilla sit and sips his beer, and after a few minutes signals the bartender and points at a bag of peanuts. Again the bartender assumes the gorilla doesn't know his prices and say "Sure, 20 bucks". Again the gorilla produces a 20. The gorilla sit eating and sipping. The bartender comes up after a few minutes and says "You know, we don't get many gorillas in here" to which the gorilla replies in a posh English accent "Well at these prices I am hardly surprised."

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