Saturday, May 18, 2013

Two things that should exist.

These are a two things that don't seem to exist anywhere. At least "Google" didn't seem to know of where to find examples of these ideas in practice. If you know of an example of one of these, please do tell.

Why has there never been someone sexually abusing a zombie in any medium. Never read a story where this has happened, never seen a movie where this happened either. Seems like some sick person would capture a zombie for sexual exploitation. It wouldn't even need to be intentional, what if a submissive at somekind of BDSM dungeon came down with the zombie plague and no one noticed? Also, would a zombie plague be sexual transmissible? Aside from that, would you this technically count any of this as necrophilia?
Would you?

Some really  good jokes about abortion. Seems like this is a subject that is overlooked in the joke department. Or how about using an aborted fetus as a character in a comedy? What if you did a period movie about Jesus, only he was miscarried by Mary, and now a fetus Jesus need to go through the whole story including getting nailed up? That is some comedy gold right there.

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