Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some Random Thoughts and a Review.

Election time is near. Since the last election we learned that having a black guy in office is the same as having a white guy in office, I figured as much, but some people seem surprised by this. The people that are surprised would generally be racists... or "set in there ways" if you want to be politically correct.

Superman sucks. He is a relic form the early days of comics, and need to take some time off. Maybe they could kill him... again... but this time actually mean it. Or they could bring back Bizarro World comics, that would be some interesting PR for the franchise.

Could religious people just shut the fuck up? For that matter could anyone that is really deeply into something just the fuck up? It might be god, it might be politics, it might be a lack of god, it might be a book or movie, whatever it is just stop talking about. Leave other people alone. Keep your shit to yourself. Or if you are really into something, just blow your brains out. I heard someone where that "suicide is painless", test out that idea for us.

Also I made a review. It is a review of the second generation camera for the Sony PSP.

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