Sunday, August 26, 2012

Things That Suck.

Some experiences just suck. Theses things happen to everyone from time to time, and there isn't much that can be done about it. There are things in life that just suck.

When you get into watching a show only to find out it is already cancelled. This usually happens when a show is syndicated. It is on when you have nothing else to watch so you settle on it as you know nothing about it. You see an episode or two and like it. You look to see when new episode are on, and it was cancelled last year. It is a real kick in the balls.

The place you want to eat is out of what you want. You want something, and they are out of whatever it might be. This comes in two forms generally, where they are out for the night, and where they are out and will make more but it will take some time. If they are out for the night, there is nothing to do, but pick something else, but it is never very good because it isn't what you really wanted. If they are out for now, you can wait, but is it worth an extra 45 minutes for what you want? Guess it depends how much you want it, and what it is.

That website you need is down. It is gone. You need it NOW. It might be a technical problem on there end, and it might be back later, but that doesn't help you right now. For all you know it may never return. You need something that was on it, and you have no idea where else you might find this information. Could be work related, could be something personal, doesn't matter either way as you aren't getting it.

There are many more somewhat universal experiences that suck, but this is enough for now. So many things that suck, so little time. Didn't even mention how much douchebags suck.

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  1. The restaurant one happens to me all the time. But mostly whenever I'm trying to take my girlfriend somewhere nice to eat. ._.