Monday, July 2, 2012

Controversial Opinions.

These are a few opinions I hold that seem to get people going. I don't see what the big deal is, I am not trying to force these views on anyone, but it would seem holding them is enough to get people after my blood. So lets explore them.

Pornography is art. Film and photography are both considered art. Why should film and photography of a particular subject be barred from being called "art"? When trying to define the difference between what was art and what was porn Justice Potter Stewart said "...I know when I see it...", this is bullshit, because this is no difference. Sexual content, or intent to sexually arouse you, does not limit the scoop of what art is.

It is more than somewhat likely Jesus didn't exist. While he might be a good role model, and might have a few good stories about him, there is not much in the way of proof that he was ever really here. The majority of sources that offer any proof are ones that exist within various churches, and these have a vested interest in keeping him real. We can prove many people far older than him were real, but he seems to be much more slippery. I guess it is time we went looking for a body.

Rap isn't music. No one has an instrument, no one is singing, there is just some talking. There is no harmony or melody,  there is no real rhythm, there is a loud constant beat that doesn't go anywhere. It is a valid form of expression, it just isn't music.


  1. I much as I don't usually agree with you Darth/Zacksaur seems like a naive, overly optimistic child with the porn stuff.

  2. I love the rage religious people get when people bring up the question of Jesus' existence. They can't even admit that Adam and Eve was a bull-crap story disproved by facts, history, and logic.