Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things that need to go away.

Something just need to stop. They get too much attention for what they are bring to the table.

E3. Not so much the event itself, but all the coverage it gets. Video games, and electronic entertainment in general is great, but when E3 rolls around ever website even remotely connected to the video game industry does nothing but cover "news" about E3. E3 is basically just a big commercial, it shows you things to excite you, and entice you, without giving you any real information. As there is no real information, all the coverage of it is either meaningless speculation, or fanboy ramblings.

Adam Sandler and Tyler Perry. Their filmography speak for themselves. Both men have committed crimes against cinema, and against comedy. Both have made far more money than they had any right to. These men must be stopped, we can't allow people with such little talent to be successful. However, we must save their bodies of work, these need to be analyzed and studied to ensure nothing like them can ever happen again.

Blogger ranting about shit no one cares about. These assholes go off on all kinds of subjects no one in their right mind would care about... oh... wait... well fuck...


  1. Yeah, I qualify for the last one so don't know if can agree with that =P

    But Yes on E3 and also crimes against cinema. Its all in the marketing more than content nowadays.

  2. I didn't even pay attention to E3 this year