Thursday, January 12, 2012


Marriage, the union of two people. Two people coming together for love, or at least economic reasons, maybe forever, more like not. It is a day about the couple, all eyes on them, and is a lovely event if done right. Sadly as time goes on more and more annoying bullshit sneaks into the ceremony and the event surrounding it. The idea of a wedding is sound, it is just that it needs a little work.

Drunks need to stop giving toasts. The newly weds should get a few toast, form family and friends, parents and loved ones. Can we just make sure the people giving them are relatively sober. No one needs a drunk girl rambling on for 10 minutes about "good times" she had with the bride. Nor do we need the a male friend telling an embarrassing story about the groom. Toast should be loving word, well wishing, and maybe small pearls of wisdom. They should never be about that "time we experimented together" or "when my bro totally got crabs that time".

Weddings need air conditioning. Don't do the ceremony outside, do it inside of a place that has some air conditioning. Every man is in a black suit, and they get hot quick. Listening to your holy man of choice droning on for an hour is much easy to take if you have cool air blowing on you. While we are on it, let every one sit for the ceremony, no one needs to stand to hear a holy man ramble.

Have an open bar. Maybe not all night, but for an hour or two. We came for your special day, brought a gift, and have endured whatever show you decided to put on. The very least you could do is give your guest a few free drinks to make the evening seems a little better. No one should need to pay 10$ for a drink at a wedding. In fact, for being there, and bringing a gift, you should get all the booze you can drink.

Just a few ideas to make the day go better. In the end, most marriage end in divorce, so we should make the wedding day as good as it can possibly be for all parties involved. Keep the drunks out of the toast, blast the AC, and keep the free drinks coming.


  1. I never had the idea get married and after reading your opinion I see I won't do it in a lot of years.

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  3. I'm never getting married too ;] following !

  4. more than 50% of marriages end in divorce, >.<