Thursday, January 26, 2012

January Annoyances.

Every January has the same group of annoyances that pop up. There seems to be little reason for these things to happen, but they seem to be part of an extended new years ritual that doesn't seem to end till midway through February. Each year they happen and slowly fade away. If such is their fate, why must they come up at all?

People that pay for a year long gym membership and only use if for a few weeks make working out a pain. They clog the parking lot, crowd the gym. Most of them aren't even working out, they are sitting on a machine without actually using it. Men and women are both guilty of this, but have slightly different habits. The men come for two weeks, and then bullshit themselves into thinking they are in shape and stop going. Women keep going till Valentines Day, at which point they stop. Why do these people bother? They are throwing away money, and just making it harder for people that really do give a damn about working out.

Then there are the people that swear off drinking after waking up hungover on New Year's Day. Most of them make it a week, then the weekend hits and they hit the bottle. It wouldn't be so bad, but these people for that week are very vocal about there newly found (and very short lived) teetotalism. They all seem to be on a high horse about not drinking, but never want to hear about it again when happy hour hits on Friday. If these people were smart, they would know the cure for hangovers is not no more booze, but having a few more drinks that morning and then re-hydrating.

People not getting the date right. You are in line at a store, but in front of you is a middle aged woman that doesn't get enough attention. So she makes a big deal she just put the wrong date on her check. "Oops, its a new year. Do I need to write a new check, or can I cross out the date?", first she did this on purpose to get some human contact, secondly why doesn't she use a debit card? The answer being that if she used her debit card, she could feel like the center of attention for holding up the line.

January would be so nice, if it weren't for all the people. All the people, and all of their bullshit. Can't anyone just keep it to themselves?


  1. i har you man. and i hate people with false objectives too. i always kepp my resolutions to my slef. its between my and my will

  2. Personally, I use them as an example to not get myself to stoop their level. They're the ones losing, not me. I have friends like this, I just hope they don't know my true feelings lol.

  3. Sometimes you need people as examples of what not to be.

    Also, they're proud and arrogant, wanting to show off how much of a good person they're going to become.