Monday, May 21, 2012

Restaurants Annoyances.

Everyone enjoys going out for a meal every so often. Not fast food, but a meal at a place where you are seated and served. Could be a diner, could be fine dining, but no matter the quality or style certain little annoyances happen all too often.

When you first set down you are usually imediately offered a drink. This should be simple, but in the last few years something new started happening. You say "Coke" or "diet Coke" and they reply "is Pepsi alright?", as if that is going to ruin the entire meal. This didn't used to happen. Did some lawsuit happen so now they need to correct you on what they have? I want something cold, wet, and mildly fizzy, just bring me what ever is on tap. This is easily the second worst thing about getting a drink.

While were on the subject of ordering drinks; why do some restaurants feel the need to put lemon wedges in your soda? The reason you ordered your drink, is almost certainly because you like the taste, adding this lemon garnish changes the taste. Why would do they feel the need to do this? It is like when you are getting a blow job and the chick reaches around to put a finger in your ass. You didn't ask for that, and you do want it. If you ask her about it, or the server about the lemon wedge, they will both say "well, some people like it", well some of the people you do this with are into some strange shit honey.

Then there are the people you are with. If you are in a group of three or more, someone is going to special order. Not a simple special order either, a simple one is fine, a "hold this" or "extra that", that is fine. What gets annoying is the person who has to make a change to nearly every part of the dish they ordered. Everyone else took no more than 10 seconds to order, and he is on minute 25 of exactly how he wants his dish made. If you need to make more than one change to what you are ordering, you do want it, so don't order it. This behavior just leads to your food being spit in.

All that being said, it is still better than cooking some nights. If only we could just cut a few things from the experience. Just perfect it a bit.

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  1. If they ask me if Pepsi is alright I say no, I'll take water instead. I hate Pepsi, for real I'd rather not drink anything. Have to agree with your other two points though.