Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Some people just aren't going to reach sweet success. It could be a lack of drive, or a lack of intelligence, an unfortunate genetic combination, or maybe just bad luck along the way, whatever the case may be some people are just losers. Its alright, there is no shame in it, not everyone can get the best out of life. Of course there are levels of loser. So if you are a loser make the best of it.

Are you an attractive woman with no real skills? Don't have the patience or grace to be a waitress? Why not take up stripping? All you have to do is shake your ass and let strange, lonely, men touch you. You might say it is degrading, but I say it is better than living on the street. You get tips, and with a little luck you can marry an old man and take him for everything he is worth. Keep in mind there is a time limit on how long you can do this ladies.

Now maybe you are a woman not quite attractive enough to take your cloths off for money. That is still no problem. Start a youtube channel where you talk about video games. As long as you are a woman, you will get tons of fanboys watching your videos and clicking your adds. It is a great place for an average looking woman to be treated as queen, despite not having an original thought in her head. You might not be the best looking woman in the world, but you are likely the best looking one that gives a damn about video games.

That is enough about women, lets talk about males losers. Bartender is basically the male version of stripper, as you need not have any real skills to do it, but can make decent cash anyway. You will never need to be awake before 10 am, and you have your choice of women drinking after a breakup to enjoy.  Best part is unlike stripping there is no time limit.

Of course all of these still require a minimal level of motivation. If you really have no drive, you can take up blogging. All you need is an internet connection. Just start one and watch the cash trickle in. You can make up to 20$ a year doing it.

So remember, just because you are a loser doesn't mean there aren't options.


  1. The part about blogging is hilarious hahah. If I blog about cool things, I'm not -that- big of a loser, am I? I have a real job as well!

    *cries softly in the corner*

  2. Haha, I dunno, I have a friend who was pretty much born to be a loser...

  3. That was funny. I would like to try bartending one day. That just soundslike an awesome way to make money and meet drunk chicks.

    I do wonder about the $ from blogging. Don't have adsense myself but have read of nightmares from more experienced bloggers. Is it worth it?

  4. Laughed pretty hard at the $20 a year.