Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reality TV.

I know it has been here for at least 10 years, but I still hate both the concept and execution of reality television. I know why it stay around, it costs very little to produce, and gets a decent number of viewers. However, it is not real, it is made to seem more than it is. It is not all the same, it comes in a few flavors, but all of them are equally exaggerated through editing and other tricks.

The many forms of reality television all are base around the idea that people love to see others do embarrassing things. It can be a washed up celebrity being follow around, or a someone that can't sing, or a man yelling at the owners of business, a group of spoiled bitchy people and their lives, and many other equally intellectually void forms, shapes, and flavors. All of them based on embarrassment, shame, and spectacle of how people can really be this blind to what is really happening.

Disgusting as I find it all, I see that is does make money. So here are a few ideas of my own for the reality television producers:

1. Russian Roulette with the "Stars". We take the lowest tier celebrities, and whichever survives the game gets a 3 picture deal to try and raise their falling stardom.

2. Blind and Deaf on a minefield. This needs no explanation.

3. Who wants to be seen as a douche bag for the rest of their life? This is really what all of it boils down to.


  1. I would watch all 3 of the shows you suggested. They all seem like better ideas than what's on tv now. I mean really...why do we need Ice Road Truckers or Whale Wars?

  2. I hate Jersey Shore, Real World, Housewives and all those similar types.

    On the other hand, I do enjoy pawn stars & storage wars. (I think they count as reality t.v.?)

  3. If I could make a reality show where the stars of Jersey Shore experience something like Battle Royale I'd be so happy.

  4. I remember they actually made a russian roulette tv game show. They would drop in a hole when they lost by random chance. I guess they fell on some mattress below

  5. Come At Me Bro said...

    This is great!

    yes, you know?

  6. I heard reality tv isn't so great for networks either, because they can't make the same revenue from reruns as they could with sitcoms.


  7. yeah, i seriously do not understand the fascination people have with reality shows.
    i mean, at first i thought people just enjoyed the downward social comparison but now people actually look up to some of these idiots...