Monday, August 1, 2011

Public Executions.

Lets start having some fun with executions. Why does it have to be so serious, with just a few family members and relations of victims? We should be broadcasting them. We should be doing better than an electric chair, lethal injection, or even firing squad. What we need is to make them into money making media events.

First we need to make the audience much bigger. Lets sell ticket, and make it a pay per view event. Rather than a small room looking in at the soon to be dead man, we should have a grand colosseum with a jumbotron so can see all that happens in glorious high definition. Of course things would need to be a bit more interesting than what we have today.

Imagine if you will, a man being beheaded on top of a giant roulette wheel. Then imagine all the people betting on where the man's head will land. Or we could have a machine that randomly selects how the man will die, there again allowing for gambling to take place. Could line up a dozen executions for one day, so as to get a few hours of entertainment.

However, a man about to die should have a chance to get out of it, so how about a death maze? Lined with traps, and other dangers, but with a slim chance that the man may survive and win his life and freedom. The maze could have several prisoners inside, with the understanding that only one can make it out alive. A maze of death, and only the  first to the exit gets to live.

Such things could make our prison system turn a profit. It could help the economy.


  1. That's one way of deterring people from commiting crime :D +1 follower

  2. I can't decide if I'd pay to watch this or not haha.

    (Secretly I know I would >_>)